Friday, March 27, 2015

BFF Friday! Happy Pantry best friends...milk and cookies

While I'm not the biggest fan of saying "BFF" - it has it's place.  When talking about how much cookies and milk like each other, then it's a natural and appropriate description.  Sure you can eat cookies, but if you dip it in milk first?  It's the best!  And the nicest thing to do next is take a swig of said milk.

I actually don't like eating cookies without milk.  And if it's a cookie type (like a girl scout cookie thin mint) that doesn't dip well, then it's not as much fun to drink.  I'll still eat 'em, and I'll have them with milk - but it's not as much fun as being able to mix these two besties together before mashing them in my teeth on the way to stomach town.

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