Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Happy Pantry: April Fools!

Nothing is worse than April Fools.  Everyone tries to deliver some news today and it's obviously ridiculous or fake.  Everyone tries a prank and it never seems to work out right - sometimes it's funny, but someone always gets mad...even though we all know what day it is.

Almost a decade ago I tried to tell everyone that Tracey had broken up with me.  It was a really lazy effort on my part.  I just sent out an e-mail to everyone I could think of.  For some reason people believed me and I kept getting condolences.  When I came clean that it was the lamest joke I've ever attempted, my brother didn't talk to me for a month.  But that might have been because of how lame the prank was and he was ashamed...

You know what would be a good prank?  Bugs in food.  It's the worst thing, and best of all, it's the bug that's doing the pranking.  Win win!  And everyone gets to laugh about it.  Except for the person who bit into the food and discovered a new friend wiggling out.

There's a worm in your apple....April Fools!

And I know, worms aren't bugs.  But they might as well be.  Wait - aren't they?  Ah nuts.  Ignore this paragraph.

So if you're a pranker and toss a bucket of water on a co-worker or saran wrap the toilet...or if you opt out of any lame bits of mirth...just remember to be careful today.  There's a lot of terribleness going around...just grin and bear it for a few more hours...and be thankful it's only once a year.

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