Friday, April 03, 2015

Easter comes to the Happy Pantry

 Easter is the one day where everyone gets together to mess with eggs.

 Easter is also the one day a year when everyone decides that hard boiled eggs are tasty and eat them by the mouthful.  It's gross.  The only eggs one should consume should be laid by bunnies and filled with chocolate...or weird gooey sugary Cadbury goodness.

And Easter is also the one time a year when everyone feels the need to hide eggs all over the yard so kids can go nuts fighting over hard boiled eggs.  They're not even candy - they're the worst way to make an egg (especially if you're like me and your mom would dice them into steamed spinach and make you eat a heaping pile for was a smell that permeated the house and a taste that tested your gag reflex).

I will say, it is fun to watch all the little weirdos running to and fro looking for eggs to put in the basket.  We grew up having our little Easter egg hunt, and there would always be one special plastic egg filled with cash.  That was the one we were really on the hunt for.

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