Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Squaremania - Lil' Packie makes a purchase

The Illustration friday topic this week is Spent.  A while back I did an illustration of an elephant running and always wanted to do a follow up drawing of the elephant using his amex...a sort of play on the old (tired) joke of, "how do you stop an elephant from charging?  Take away his credit card!"

I even did a couple of thumbnail versions, but never did anything worth continuing to a final drawing.  But because of this week's topic, I was brought back to that idea - and thought it was time to see about creating it.

So this is my rough thumbnail and I'm going to clean it up in Adobe Illustrator tomorrow and color it in photoshop (whenever I have a chance):

And here's the cleanup version - I made his eyes smaller because they looked a little weird when cleaned up.  And his nose looks a little wonky, so I might have to fix that before I color it.

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