Friday, November 05, 2010

IF: Afterwards with horrific consequences...

I was trying to think of something funny to do for Afterwards (the Illustration Friday topic for the new week).  At the same time we're just coming off of halloween (and for the entire month of october I seemed to be more focused on Christmas illustrations) and I really hadn't done anything for it...AND I've been drawing these squaremania characters....and finally, to put it all together I've always wondered what a squaremania animal's skull would look like.

So this is a rough drawing I did in Photoshop:
"Afterwards he realized that pouring acid on his face wasn't the best idea"

Is it funny?  Meh...but it made me smile...oh, and I've also been reading a lot of Jhonen Vasquez's blog.  He's the creator of Invader Zim and Squee!  His posts are full of dark humor and twisted imagination.  If you're a fan of Zim, he did an entire month (March of 2010) of posts about the show.  Anyway, I guess this drawing was influenced more by Jhonen than it was whatever that nonsense I wrote at the beginning of this post.

 this is the clean-up version I did in Adobe Illustrator.  I changed the feet to a seated position because it looked too awkward with him kneeling.


psychopooch said...

Poor little guy. Cool illo tho! It made me smile too.

Chibi Janine said...

They would have intresting skeletons. A super illustration.

Anonymous said...

Cute+funny. I love the first drawing. The eyeball looks so real!

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