Monday, November 01, 2010

How I spent my Halloween Weekend - Wario theme

 The entire Mario Party!  From left to right - Yoshi, Luigi, Toad, Mario, A coin box, and Wario (the last two are my wife and I...and as you can tell by how terrific they are, we made our own costumes...the others are cheapy store bought versions)

It's been a long and tiring Halloween much so that we ended up not even wanting to do anything on the actual Halloween night (we ended up walking to downtown Burbank to see a parade of dogs who were in costume).

We spent the week designing our costumes to enter the contest at Nickelodeon.

(I think we lost because our Mario purchased his costume)

My wife painted the coinbox on all sides (acrylics on cardboard box).  I took rain gear overalls and spray painted them purple (you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a pair of overalls of any color, much less a men's size).  I originally had a different hat that was more 'on model' for the kinds of hats Mario, Luigi, and Wario wear, but while spray painting worked out on the overalls, it wasn't terribly friendly with the hat - so I had to settle for a yellow baseball cap.  I purchased an Indiana Pacers cap (because it was yellow) and used an exacto knife to cut off the logo.  Then I took white felt and cut a half circle (for the hat), and black felt and cut out three W's (one for the hat and one for each glove) and a mustache.  Then I took some white acylic paint and painted the white buttons on the front of Wario's overalls.  The final touch was to take two grocery bags and fill them with wadded up paper to round out Wario's pudgy figure.
You almost can't tell the difference

I also decided to work on a pumpkin design that was a lot harder than anything I've ever attempted before.  It turned out to be quite easy, if a little time consuming.  All you have to do (to get a good design) is print out what you want to do and tape it to the front of the pumpkin.  Then I used an exacto knife to trace the lines into the pumpkin, and a pumpkin knife to cut the chunks out.  It was just that easy!  What nice too, is that I found a little flashlight thing (for 2 dollars) at toys-r-us that acts like a candle, complete with yellow flickering light - and it's better than a candle, because it takes hours to go out.
 In the light it's not as impressive (which is what I blame losing on).
 Here's a close-up of it lit
 and a better shot of it

And, of course, this means I'm going to have to really step it up for the pumpkin carving contest the next year - now that I know this isn't as hard as it looks.
 See ya next halloween!


Anonymous said...

Cool! I was wondering how you found purple overalls. Love the pumpkin lit. My first attempt at pumpkin carving designs didn't turn out so well. People think it's some kind of satanic image... But it's GIR.

Anonymous said...

What you and Tracey did is really creative. I am surprised you two didn't win. Were the judges blind?

As for the pumpkin. . WOW. You did such a great job. It looks like Wario!!

maria said...

GREAT job on the costumes... you guys looked great! but why is your toad so tall?? haha!!! ;) oh and the pumpking turned out really cool!! :)

Anonymous said...

Pumpkin contest in broad daylight? Is Nick Nuts?!?! Next year put your pumpkin on a long cardboard box, and even fashion just a viewing hole in the end so people can see what it's susposed to look like. I did a pumpkin a couple of years ago that was the face of our company founder, a dead ringer in the dark, but just looked like a mashed up pumpkin in the light, and this worked grat for me.

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