Tuesday, February 02, 2010

IF: Focused and concentrating

I did this illustration for the stock image site Dreamstime.  I've said this in a previous post - but just in case you didn't read that one I have two things to say.  The first is that Dreamstime is for illustrators and photographers to upload images that are then downloaded for between 30 cents and $28 (depending on how the customer wants to license the image).  My second point is that every month Dreamstime has a contest with a different theme (not unlike Illustration Friday)...only the Dreamstime contests have cash money winners (or sometimes t-shirts or ipods).  The only stipulation for entering the contest is that you have to be a member and have a certain number of images in your Dreamstime portfolio.

Anyway - I originally did this image as the above kid walking by himself with no background...and I illustrated a boy version and a girl version.  That image was denied by Dreamstime because they said it was too simplistic.  So I chose the little girl and drew a whole background behind her.  It took almost a week for the little girl walking to get approved...but in the meantime I thought that I would finish up the picture of the little boy.  I moved the crib (from the little girl walking illustration) to the other side of the frame and added a mother behind the boy.  I wanted it to look like she had just let the kid go and this really was his first step.  I thought this illustration would also work for Illustration Friday - as you need to be focused to pull off your first steps without falling on your face.

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