Tuesday, February 16, 2010

IF: Adrift and in danger


I did this illustration for the tail end of the Dreamstime contest.  The subject this month is 'first steps' and is about teaching.  I did a couple of illustrations where a mother teaches her child to walk...and yesterday I filled a sketchbook page with drawings of animals with their young.  I was going to use one of those to finish on the computer - but instead I woke up this morning and drew directly into Adobe Illustrator and cleaned it up and colored it.  I usually pop my cleanup into Photoshop to finish, but I for stock illustration sites like Dreamstime, vector images sell better...so it's always good to keep that option open.

Anyhow - the idea behind this came from thinking of a shark mother teaching her young how to hunt...and the easiest pray is the kind nearest the beach that just adrift with not a care in the world and no idea of the danger lurking under them.

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Susan said...

Yikes, help! I love how baby shark is licking his 'lips'!

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