Sunday, February 14, 2010

IF: Adrift at sea

I've been working on a top secret project for the last month or so - which has made it hard to draw anything else.  What's nice is that I finally finished the project this last i finally have time to do something for Illustration Friday.

This is the original rough that I did in Photoshop and next to it is the Illustrator clean-up.

This is a new character that I'm working on.


Roma Gutiérrez said...

This is so sweet :)

josh pincus is crying said...

very cool little character!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely precious! I love the expression. Well done!

chocolategirl64 said...

great to see the steps you take to get to the finished piece:
you are certainly a whizz at the pen tool:
something I have yet to master!

Dario Krakower said...


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