Sunday, January 31, 2010

Microstock Report for January 2010

This month was a bit of a turn around from the last couple of months.  At least in December, what with all the holidays, it was a bit slow.
Shutterstock was once again the leader.  And we rallied quite hardily this started very slow - but about half way through we started uploading a lot of new files (33 to be exact) and some of them actually caught on a little while it started off looking like we wouldn't even break the $100 mark for the first time since we started (February of last year)...we had some of the biggest days in a few months.  All in all Shutterstock one again led the pack with almost 50% of the total earnings.  This coming month will be a full year selling stock illustrations, and we just crossed $2000 on Shutterstock.

Second, once again, was Istockphoto with $65.  I think this is one that will be pretty fantastic once we build up enough of a portfolio (currently it's at 71).  They have the hardest site to get accepted into and are the hardest on accepting files.  But we're getting close to breaking the first canister level (which is 250 total sales and comes with a slight pay increase).

Dreamstime is 3rd on the list...and while it hasn't performed terribly well the last few months - they are consistently third...and their contests are one big reason why I've had so many views on my blog recently (every month they do a contest like Illustration Friday, only they have monetary prizes...the only catch is that usually a photograph wins...but not always.  And it's a popularity contest...voted on by those that entered that month).  This month I've also had two people sign up as my referral (I have three total on this site, but only one that uploaded any files).  It took 7 people on Shutterstock before there was someone that actually uploaded files...but I'm hopeful.  My Shutterstock referral has made me just about $18.

Everything else was rather disappointing.  I'm still uploading a lot of files across all the sites and hoping that some of them will turn around.  Vectorstock had a best month ever with $8.75...but that's still pretty pedestrian.

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