Wednesday, December 02, 2009

lil' thumbnail of a dog and livingroom


This is just a little doodle I did during the thanksgiving holiday (as well as the Adelia drawings from the previous post. I'm just trying to think of different areas like a living room - where it's just normal and sterile and boring...and I want to put my characters into that to liven it up. The reason why is that I was at an illustrator event at the beginning of November and did a portfolio review with an award winning illustrator (and one that is constantly working).

He told me that you can't just have drawings of fantastic your portfolio you should also show that you can take someone's script (children's book or otherwise) and create all the scenes from the book...and, in a way, make the mundane bits interesting. You're not always going to have the characters skydiving or having a pig pull a skunk in a wagon through a field... You also have to have them in the quieter times.

So my current idea for my next postcard (after the skydiving one) is to have the square characters sitting around their living room and reading.

Also - the scribbles on the page are from my 3 year old niece who saw me drawing and wanted to draw me a picture.

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