Sunday, December 06, 2009

IF: Crunch...on the ground...!

So I'm working on a followup to the skydiving animals I did a couple of weeks ago. It's been really tough trying to figure out what the outcome to that illustration should be. It's taken me all this time and countless drawings trying to work it out.

I've finally decided on this:

It's, obviously still in rough form...but I'm going to clean it up today in Adobe Illustrator and then print it out and revise my lines in blue pencil (which is just how I always work...the above illustration was the original drawing scanned into the computer - you can sort of make out perspective lines trying to line things up and correct wonky directions...I've already printed it once and gone back over it with a blue pencil).

Originally I kept drawing the panda bent over a branch of a tree and the other skydiving characters around him...or slamming into the ground with a big crunch (which is probably too graphic for a children's book style illustration)...but the idea of the panda stuck on a telephone wire (that part isn't drawn yet) and surprising some folks who were just sitting in their backyard sounded like a better idea).

Hopefully I'll have this drawing done later today and it'll be ready for color.
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