Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas kids

I did this for Shutterstock. One could say that I'm entrenched or even entangled in the world of microstock imagery. I've been at it since March, and the best thing is that I don't have to focus that much on it, and the images still sell...mostly on Shutterstock and Istockphoto, but also on some of the less popular sites. It's something that I can't stay away from and even after all these months I check the download status every day (well...twice a day on Istockphoto and probably 8 or 9 times on Shutterstock).

The original idea was to create some 'doll' cutouts that one could place different clothes on. These are the first of such things...only there are no other clothes, just what they have on their backs. But I'm going to redraw them with minimal clothing (just enough to keep them decent) and then have a variety of options on the side that people can add.

It's an idea...we'll see if it works...

This was the original version...just a bunch of kids in winter garb...

On both of these, my wife - who is an amazing color stylist and is currently working as a texture artist at Nickelodeon - recolored them. She always does an amazing job!

Also - I had to start a new blog counter because I changed the way my blog was laid out. That means that the 28,000 views I had previously are no more and I'm starting over today (december 3rd) with a 0000000 counter...we'll see how high it gets before something happens and it too has to be replaced or restarted.

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Luis said...

I think they are really cute :)

Creativity is with you!

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