Tuesday, August 18, 2009

IF: Wrapped, mummy finished!

Well, even though it is obvious to go for a mummy illustration when the subject is wrapped (that or some form of present), it's still always a good way to go. Because any time you can draw one of your characters as a monster is always a good idea.


And, apparently, I like drawing my characters as monsters as I've already done a penguin frankenstein, a penguin igor, a little kid Freddy Krueger, a little kid Jason (from Friday the 13th), and, even though he's not a monster, a little kid Ash from Evil Dead 2 (he kills zombies). Oh, and I drew Adelia as a zombie. I just have to make sure to keep little kid Ash away from Zombie Adelia...or it could get messy...

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Shirley said...

Great illustration!

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