Friday, August 14, 2009

IF: Wrapped - mummy style...

I think a bunch of people will have this same concept for the Illustration Friday topic of's either going to be mummies or presents.  I saw one guy do a whole crowd of people wrapped up in condoms (like in the Naked Gun movie, where they're practicing safe sex) that was one fella thinking outside the for me, I'll jump at the chance to draw a zombie or a monster (especially a classic monster)...but, of course, I have to do it my here's a cute little skunk mummy about to terrorize!

skunk mummies stink

This was about a 20 minute rough - from start to finish - it's a really rough photoshop drawing, and would have gone quicker (most of my roughs are a lot quicker) but I wanted to add color and post it up.  Usually I'll just do a basic drawing and copy it over to illustrator to work on my lines and correct my perspective and finalize my drawing...and, of course, I'm going to do that with this one as well, but I thought I'd post up my color rough...
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