Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy Pantry: J is for Joyous Juicer

Why waste all that chewing time when you can DRINK your daily requirement of fruits and veggies!?!

Also - if people disliked eating fruits and vegetables so much, why hasn't anyone invented a better system of imbibing these horrid things?  Blending and juicing get us closer than we've ever been to it - but juicing is stupid because you're not filling your belly with the goods, just a lot of sugar and maybe a small portion of nourishment.  There should be a pill that you can chew on that tastes like something other than chalk....

Until then, we'll use our blenders the responsible way.  That's right, I started talking about juicing only to flip the script and whack you over the head with my blended drink goodness.  It's for your own good.

Sure he's a blender, but he moonlights as a juicer on the weekends...

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