Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2016.  It always strikes me as a fairly silly celebration - as the change in date only matters when one writes a check - and who's writing checks these days?  Other than that, it feels rather arbitrary - I mean, I guess it happens every 365 days or so (leap year kind of screws up that number), but nothing really changes.  At least with daylight savings time, you get an hour of light and dark depending on which direction you're looking....but with the change in year?  It's just a time to spend 4 times the amount to eat in a restaurant really really late.

Our tradition is that Tracey goes to bed by 10 and I try to stay up but usually start fading around 11:30 and I celebrate by closing my eyes at 11:45 and waking up in the new year.

So...Happy New Year...?

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