Friday, July 03, 2009

Short Stumpy Giraffe: Revision

I changed a little bit about this piece - it was pretty much done, but just needed a little push. I added tears to his eyes to make him a bit more pathetic - and then I set about the time consuming task of self coloring the lines - it's not such a hard thing if you're doing the entire illustration in photoshop - but I like to keep my vector lines (that I draw in Adobe Illustrator) in tact, which means that any changes to the lines have to be done in Illustrator.

So here it is - in all it's finished glory - I just have to print it out and frame it...and it'll be ready for the gallery show (all the artwork is due this thursday morning at 10:00)...after two years of waiting, and forgetting, and working very hard...the show is finally here!


1 comment:

FRENZIED said...

LOL, this is hilarious! Awesome character. Was googling something else...

Love your square toon characters!

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