Sunday, July 26, 2009

IF: Idle

lil' bloody Jason Voorhees

This works a couple of ways. Jason just sits idlely around waiting for kids to stumble into the creepy campsite...and then he kills them. Secondly - Jason has been around so long and even though his movies are hard to take serious, he's a horror icon/idol. And sure it's the wrong spelling of Illustration Friday's topic (idle), but the second sentence of this paragraph explains all.

This is one of the pieces I had in my Nickelodeon Animation Studio art gallery show. I previously posted that picture earlier this year (when I did it) but I had a couple of people interested in this print - I had done a 'clean' version of this picture (which I was inspired by the old mcfarlane toys...where they'd sell a clean and regular version of a movie monster...basically it means with or without blood.). The clean version was for the studio...I knew that Nickelodeon doesn't let you put up images of guns and violence...I don't think they would have protested too much about this illustration, but just to be sure I had my 'innocent' version for the gallery.

I thought the people interested in this print would get a kick out of the bloody version, and when I showed it to them on my computer, I had two sales! I thought I'd take the piece a little bit further and bloody up the machete as well.


Cyndia said...

Scarey! I don't want to go to that camp site:( Well done!

zainah said...

awesome balance of cute and evil :)

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

This is just crazy and adorable at the same time. Great work!

Melinda Stanley said...

hehe... I love this! Your style is great!

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