Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Adelia the Adelie

I was thumbnailing a bit and came up with this character. I liked it enough to try and do a series of paintings with this as it's subject matter. The text on the drawing will eventually be done in illustrator or even photoshop...I just wanted to see how it would look...and the way I work, it looks messy...I didn't want to just say penguin...the word (Pinguino) is penguin in Italian.
Adelia the Adelie Penguin (the name Adelia came by accident as I was saving my first illustrator cleanup version of the file...and it seemed that Adelia would make a good name for a penguin...). I painted this very quickly...just trying to get a feel for it - I'm not sure of the color of the penguin yet...I don't want it to be too dark...and not terribly light either...

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Adelia the Adelie Penguin
Pencil and Watercolor

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