Monday, October 10, 2016

New Episode of Spongebob this Saturday

I prop designed this next episode of SpongeBob.  It was my first episode of season 10.  Below are a couple of the props I designed.  I believe I did the entire episode - there are a few reused props from previous episodes, so I didn't technically design everything....

The egg from the 3rd season of SpongeBob makes it's return in this Saturday's BRAND NEW Spongebob epsiode! The episode is called WhirlyBrains and is probably on at 10:30 (but check your local listings!), and probably has nothing to do with eggs. I added that shadow line to the existing prop design!

 SpongeBob's television has been seen in many episodes - but it's never been broken in half.  So this is one of the harder props I designed for the episode.

Anyway - check out the show - new episodes every Saturday for the next few weeks!

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