Monday, October 31, 2016

Charlie Brown: I got a rock!

It's strange and hilarious that whenever Charlie Brown goes trick or treating, everyone else gets candy and he gets a rock. I thought about this last night and had to draw this...
 Why doesn't Charlie take it upon himself to do some tricks?  It IS trick OR treat...if someone gave him a rock, they're daring him to retaliate.  At some point they'd get the hint and the joke wouldn't be so funny with all the Snoopy doo on their porch.  At least Charlie Brown should take Snoopy on walks and dooks on all the lawns of the houses that rocked him.

Also - what kind of parents live in these houses that would give a little boy a rock for Halloween?  Especially when they give candy to all the other kids.  He lives in a messed up town.

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