Monday, February 22, 2016

LA Cookie Con 2016

We were vendors at the second annual LA Cookie Con this last February 6th and 7th.  Did you miss it?  Because a lot of people did, even though it was the second one and there was a lot more publicity.  If you missed it, you missed out!

Ron Ben Israel was there to lead the demos and talks for the second year in a row.  We also saw Kawaii Sweet Treats and Dara the Bow Girl walking around as well - and they gave demos on how to create some of their delicious desserts.  We even knew that Duff Goldman from Charm City Cakes was there - and we missed him!  Same with Sarah Michelle Gellar, but she missed out on Happy Pantry too, so it's their what we're telling ourselves...even though it might not terrible true.

It was a two day event and the convention hall was packed with people swarming each vendor looking for samples, merchandise or something delicious to buy and eat later.  The lines were long - and I'm sure that made people a little more surly than they necessarily would have been - but there were a lot of open spaces and areas where one could get away from the crowd - and if they were smart, they should have purchased a VIP badge which would have gotten them into two different areas in the convention hall with even more samples and places to hang out, rest and even get a massage!

We had the Fookie on one side and Whatta Cookie on our other side.  Both had amazing cookies!  The Fookie (which you have to exclaim in a high pitched voice, "What the Fudge is a fookie!?!!?" because that's how they did it whenever someone asked) is half cookie and half fudge.  They gave us two bars to try, and our assistant the first day, Maria, decided to take them both home and eat them all by herself because she's mean.  So we had to buy more the second day.  It was worth it!  Seek out the Fookie - it's delicious!  It was Whatta Cookie's first con - and they were champs - they were also smart and brought a lot of help - so they handled the crowds quite well.  Their cookies were so good!  I tried to buy some, but they insisted I just take a complimentary bag.  They were terribly nice and have delicious cookies! 
 Image courtesy: Crescenta Valley Weekly - it's our adorable aprons which, at shows, come in mason jars!
Image courtesy: One Punk Army - People pointed at a lot of stuff.  Sometimes they even wanted to purchase it!

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