Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Nightmare before Corpse Bride

I was watching Corpse Bride, only because it was streaming on Netflix.  I wanted to like the movie so much - and it's not that good.  Not only is it a really quick story, but there are too many songs, and they're all horrible.  I think the short running time wouldn't be so bad, but those songs...they're the worst!  They're so ridiculously bad.  And it's surprising considering it's a teaming up of Danny Elfman with the guys that made Nightmare Before Christmas.

One bright spot is the character designs.  Those are really good - still not Nightmare Before Christmas level, but very good.

Anyhow - when they introduce Scraps, it reminded me of Zero - and that made me wonder if it was the same dog - one as a ghost and one as a skeleton.  Does anyone ever say?

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