Thursday, August 06, 2015

Boba Fat!

The Sarlacc Pit has the best Boba (Fett)

It's finished!

I did the original sketch back in November and did several rounds of cleanup, but never really liked the Sarlacc Pit part.  I did several rounds of drawing and redrawing, but it never came out right.  Then I ran into some freelance work and left this to the side.

I picked it up again this week and redid the line work and redrew the Sarlacc Pit, and suddenly it was something I liked enough to finish.

I've been a big fan of boba since I first drank it's tasty goodness.  At one point there were two boba places within a mile of my work, so I decided I needed to visit one of them every day.

Turns out boba is filled with sugar and starch.  Probably something I should have known, but I was blinded by it's sweet tasty allure.

Years later I still drink boba - but only on occasion - probably one every couple of months?  But who cares about my boba drinking habits?  Stop prying into my personal business!

Anyway - Ever since I connected the dots between boba the drink and Boba the Fett, I've wanted to do a version for my Heebeejeebees series of illustrations.  And once I figured out Boba Fat - and how boba makes you fat, it was a match made in heaven...if heavy handed.

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