Sunday, January 09, 2011

Squaremania: Important Family Meeting

It might feel like deja vu because I'm posting an illustration that I put up over a month ago...but I've gone back and made some changes.

The first thing I did was combine the version of the panda with his frog ear hat on:
It was sort of cute, but I felt that it distracted from the overall message of the illustration - because all you could see was that ridiculously adorable hat...

Anyway - the original always bothered me.  I thought it was a little too plain - so I ruffled up the bed sheet a little (it's not a straight line anymore, and the sheet now extends below the bed frame.  You can't really see either of these things, but it does help to break up some of the monotony).  The most important thing I did was add the picture frames.  I was originally going to put a mobile up, but I thought it would have been too complex and distracting, so i went with the pictures.  And even though I fully colored them, when finalizing the picture I wanted to push them further into the background so I desaturated the color and added the oval shadow.

And now it's done!

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