Friday, April 30, 2010

Microstock report for April 2010

Here's the chart!

It's no surprise that Shutterstock, once again, dominated the chart.  It ended up with less than either of the last two months (which have been quite strong compared to the more recent months)...but only because we had an EL (a big $28 sale) each of the last two months.  We did have more downloads this month than in February and we ended April with quite a big upswing as well as quite a few new uploads such as these ones:

And on Istockphoto - it was a little bit down, but with more images accepted this month and with many more ideas (still in my head) on the way, we're bound to see better results. Almost $100 in a month isn't so bad...but I would like it to be higher and will be pressing towards that goal and beyond.

Dreamstime was disappointing - especially considering I've been quite involved in the monthly contest. I feel like it should be driving my sales up quite a bit more...but at least the images from the contests are at a higher selling point and are selling, so the contest images have pushed Dreamstime over $30 for the month...but barely...

And then there's the rest - Fotolia once competed for the third spot with Dreamstime, but now we barely get any sales on that site...and it's angling to be the worst among our stock image sites.  And it's sad because it's the 3rd highest portfolio online (behind Shutterstock and Dreamstime).  Strange...

Anyhow - that's the stock report for this month.  It was a fun showing on Shutterstock and a decent one on Istockphoto - it continues to be interesting, and it's fun to try and create new images to speculate on.  Some of the more complex images (such as the little boy and little girl praying) didn't ignite like I expected them to, but that only really affects Shutterstock...the other stock sites tend to have a slow ramping up for an image and it could get hot even months after it was originally uploaded...

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