Sunday, April 04, 2010

Illuminated Spirituality

This is another image I've uploaded to Dreamstime for their monthly contest.  I wanted to create an illustration (in adobe illustrator) that fit the topic (religion and spirituality) that was also not specific so it's appeal could be more universal.  Of course those familiar with the three wisemen on their way to pay homage to the birth of Jesus are going to draw those parallels.  But it could also be a small group of pilgrims traveling towards a religious place...guided by a light.

My wife originally did a space illustration - and I wanted to use that as my sky (as I really liked the colors she put into the radial gradient that makes the light).  So I wanted to post this image (which we uploaded to all the stock illustration sites) to give her credit for her color choices (and illustrative skills).

1 comment:

David said...

Nice image. I would say stands a good chance of winning.

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