Wednesday, September 09, 2009

lil' girl on computer

This is another illustration I did really quick for Shutterstock. I liked this because I did a little bit of a brushstroke on it...sure I just used the default brushes that come with Illustrator, but I manipulated them in a way that worked for this illustration...and it brought a bit more interest to an otherwise simple drawing.

Now for those of you who don't know - Shutterstock is a stock illustration/photography site. You sign up (by uploading 10 pictures, which, when accepted means you can start selling stock images!) and you can upload any and/or all of the pictures you want. Shutterstock has the easiest approval rate of all the stock sites (with Istockphoto being the hardest)...and usually the most return. I've been signed up since February and even without uploading many pictures the last three months I'm still clearing $100 each month.

And while that doesn't sound like that much - a bunch of people can make quite a bit more - there's this one gal in Germany who's user name is AKaiser who frequently has 4 or 5 images in the top 50 (meaning that each image is selling at a minimum of 10 times a day or more) she probably pulls in over a grand each month. She's pretty great though - her images are always on the cusp of what's popular on stock (and usually she sets the standard that everyone else copies).

Anyway - there are levels that one can achieve with Stock - you can do it as a hobby or as a hard core enthusiast and either way it's a lot of fun (especially when your stuff is downloaded).

One last thing - during the first $500 you make on Shutterstock, each download is 25 cents. When you reach 500 (to 3000 dollars) each download is 33 cents (that's where I am right now).

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