Saturday, January 03, 2009

IF: Resolve - Adelia's resolve for the new year...

I can't believe it's already 2009! I did a couple of sketches that I did a couple of days ago that I really liked. The first is this one of Adelia:


It's all a mish-mash of figuring out the hands, the body and the characters. I cleaned it up in Illustrator and then had to completely redraw the body and feet because it was in the wrong perspective. I was also tinkering with the scarf because it wasn't feeling right hanging off the side like that. I did a couple of rounds of revisions and then re-cleaned it up.

This piece started off as Adelia, bags packed, steady resolve, and ready for the new year. Somewhere the bags were lost (they ended up in the other sketch I did, which I'll be working on next) but since they were unnecessary, I decided to leave them off.


Also - it seems that the second I changed my blog name to the Heebeejeebees I stopped drawing things that would fit (such as the cute animal eating blobs). I'll be bringing those back eventually - but for some reason when I put pencil to paper it always ends up with some sort of cute nonsense. Anyhow - I like how this turned out. I tried a bit of a background behind them, but liked the blank canvas (with just a shadow underneath them, so they're not just floating in space). It sort of sets the mood for this new year - a clean slate. or something...


pati @-;-- said...

Really nice :)

pati @-;--

Rui Sousa said...

lovely charters, really well done!

Anonymous said...

This should be marketed like "hello kitty" because it is just so darn cute.
Joanne Marzioli

Samantha Hughes said...

Super Cute! Great, fun illo.

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