Thursday, March 09, 2017

Indiana Jones is how old!?!?

Everyone was excited about a new Indiana Jones movie coming out - myself included - i wasn't so keen on Chris Pratt - but it would be better than the horrible Crystal Skull movie that came out a little while ago that we all hated...

But then they announced that Harrison Ford was coming back to the franchise - to kill it off completely, I expect?

He was great as Han Solo - and it was good to see him back in that - but he moved so much like an old man, and it was a little distracting to see him bumble about all slow like.  And now he's going to be even older and playing what could be an even more dashing character?  It feels like they need to regroup with a younger actor.  Until then, here's what I think it'll look like:

I did a quick sketch with the old man from UP, which is what Harrison Ford is looking more like every day.  Only...with an earring, for some reason...

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