Thursday, December 08, 2016

Whatcha Eatin' Adelia?

 Whatcha eatin' Adelia?
How rude!

I was developing Adelia a few years ago as a cute penguin - and my version of Hello Kitty if I was to design a cute girl character.  I even got as far as development on a children's book as well as a handful of illustrations - but stalled out when I drew the Squaremania characters (Paddy Panda) as a supplement to Adelia, and then they quickly eclipsed her in my interest.

I went to a children's book illustrator meeting where I had an editor look at my portfolio.  She didn't get Adelia and said that kids would question why she didn't have a mouth (because she wasn't designed with one because she doesn't need one...not to mention the fact that the more I developed her, the less like a penguin she looked).  So I went home and redrew the top image with the bottom one and added a mouth.  So it's possible for her to have one, if she needs it - but I don't think she needs it.

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