Thursday, April 07, 2016

Another day, another dalek

There was a time I was totally into Charlie Brown and the whole Peanuts gang.  I loved the drawings, the comic strip and the cartoon...I couldn't get enough of any of it.  And then I just kind of got tired of the same jokes and the same story lines and I don't know if it was the overall saturation of the brand into everything, but I just wasn't a big fan anymore.

Seeing that the movie was coming out reinvigorated the fan in me.  I was suspicious that they were doing a movie in CG, but the characters translated over quite well.

So recently having Charlie Brown on the brain (figuratively), I seem to be drawing a lot of mashups with them.  My favorite is still Charlie Brown as Pinhead, because his bald head lends itself to it.  But I've recently found a series of drawings that I want to do - and this is the first bit....a hint of what's to come:

I've just laid in the colors, so there are no textures or shading...but I like where it's headed...!

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