Thursday, November 19, 2015

Designer Con Happy Pantry Map

Designer Con is this weekend at the Pasadena Convention center.  We're excited to be vendors for the second year in a row.  It's such a great show with some amazing artists, designer toys, and so many things your eyeballs will overload.

We're at booth 309:

we're at booth 309...are the numbers big enough?

You can get in on the right hand side - that's the entrance (the traditional way to get into a building).  From there you have to go through the ticket gatherers and security and then there are 3 entrances.  Sadly they won't actually let us paint pink lines for you to follow to our booth - but try to use your imagination.

Last year we were in the front row, and hard to miss - but now we're 3 rows in AND in the middle of that row, so we don't stand out as much...except for all the pink.

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