Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Happy Pantry: Coffee Cup Kitchen Towel

This was one of the first things we had made for our Happy Pantry brand.  Our coffee cup guy, Mr Latte was one of the first characters we drew that, just like coffee, we couldn't get enough of.  So we drew more and when it came time to start making stuff, we had to launch our merchandise with him.

 Just hanging out!

Don't you want the front of your stove to look cuter?  Right now it's just covered in stains and possibly dust (if, you're like us, and you don't cook too often...), but what if you could just drape a towel in front of it, and suddenly it's better.  It's all better.  Life is better.  That's what our Mr Latte Happy Pantry Brown Polka Dot Kitchen Towels do.

 We had glamour pics taken of our Mr Latte Kitchen Towels.

 Various states of folded towel.

When we go to conventions or gift shows, we have our kitchen towels and aprons packaged into mason jars.  It's terribly cute and makes for a great present!  We actually just put up an add on purchase on our website - - where one can get our towels or aprons in mason jars online!  It's a little more expensive, but only because the box ends up being bigger and there's a lot more packing that goes into it so you don't end up with a towel in a bed of glass shards.

Buy yours now!

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