Friday, August 03, 2012

Microstock report for July 2012

It was a very slow month for microstocks in July.

We barely made our payout amount on Shutterstock with $106.

Across the boards we had small dips at each site.  The only bright spot is that we had a couple of sales on Veer that finally made me add it as a category (and take Canstock off, since it's barely made $100 in 3 years and only made fifty cents this year so far).  And I signed up for a few new sites - the best one, so far, is Depositphoto - which had just about $5 in sales...not bad for a brand new site...well, in such a slow month.

August is already shaping up to be a better month.  On day one we had an EL and an OD (that's $28 and $2.70) on Shutterstock (which is already closing in on $50 for the month of August...or almost half of what we made in all of July).  So we'll see if it can continue!

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