Thursday, May 17, 2012

IF: Kernel three times

This week's Illustration Friday topic was Kernel.

It was a hard topic and it took me this long to finally decide that I wanted to attempt it.  And even though it's Thursday afternoon, and the week is almost at a close, I finally got my concept figured out and decided to post these drawings:

This is what gave me the most trouble - kernel conjures just one thing in my head...and that's a popcorn kernel.  It seemed like such a mundane thing to draw, so I held off.  But then I thought of a little word play and continued on with the next two drawings.

and that one led to this one:


Miranda Meeks said...

I like that you combined the two concepts into one. Great job!

Cindy D. said...

Very nice! Lovely job with the delicate colors of the kernel. And never hesitate to post even if it's Thursday, is what I think!

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