Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Nightmare before Christmas Girl

Tim Burton's artwork was on display up until last month in Los Angeles.  There were drawings from his childhood, random sketchbooks and each of his movies.  One of his most prominent motifs are stripes.

I've had Nightmare before Christmas in my head for the last month.  It's not just that it was the season for it - but my wife, a couple of friends, and I made Nightmare before Christmas costumes for our company costume contest (our group won for best entertainment characters).  I still have to post the pictures of the costumes, but in the meantime I've had this illustration of a girl in cute hats and I wanted to do a Jack Skellington version:

I thought the girl looked a little too cute with that hat, so I thought I'd see about pushing it a little if she was stitched together like Sally (from the movie).
That's probably a little too stitchy though, so this is my final version:

cute and scary - and I thought I could make it a little more Tim Burtony and goth by giving her a desaturated skirt and matching striped scarf.

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Cindy D. said...

Super huge Jack Skellington fan (*before* Hot Topic ran roughshod over him) And I had a Nightmare Before Xmas event this week already! My sister sent me a collector's tin of the UNO card game with the Nightmare theme. :)

A stitched-up mouth is always a freaky thing. A smiling one, even moreso, so you did achieve the spooky. Overall mostly cute, though. Love the Jack hat and shirt, and the stripey scarf. What is it about stripes that is so appealing?

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