Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tusken Raider Baseball...and caged

My softball team had our playoff game last night (we lost) - I revised this illustration to hopefully spur us to victory - but apparently Sand People with baseball bats inspires no one.

Then I thought this looks like a guy who belongs behind bars:

 The Tusken Raider was painted in photoshop, and the cage was drawn and colored in illustrator.  He was originally going to be in a cage on the ground, but someone of his character needed to be suspended from above in a dark dark room, so he can't hurt anyone anymore.


Ana said...

Cute little character...he seems a bit dangerous too hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Can I adopt him??

seeknowbrown said...

too cool. nice.

Fawn said...

haha he's so cute. how could you guys lose with mascot like this??

psychopooch said...

The little guy in the cell is too cute! Makes me wanna pinch him even though he's about to strike with that bad.

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