Monday, March 01, 2010

IF: Perspective - Lil' IG-88 takes a break

So this is the final piece.  It's called "Lil' IG-88 takes a break."  It's been about a year since I've done any of these - taking a character and drawing it from my perspective.

The nerdier ones of you will know who this is...and possibly what scene it's from...?  And you might even guess who's standing behind lil' IG-88.

As you can see in the original drawing (that I did in photoshop) I originally thought of having IG-88 on the upper step - where all the bounty hunters stand in the original thing...but then, as I thought about what to draw around him, I didn't want to recreate all the characters (because that's not what this drawing was about)...but give an indication as where they I moved IG-88 lower and drew the legs of two of the more recognizable bounty hunters above him.


Hans_77 said...

Great I love lil' IG-88 are you going to do a mini Dengar to keep him company?

. justin segal said...

cute, love the Star Wars xtras!

Karien Naude said...

blimey this is wicked!

Ryan said...

Super cool- yea I'm a nerd.... -RC

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