Thursday, February 22, 2007

Adelia: Walking away from bed

I've done another one - This took me all day to complete - mostly I was frustrated at how hard it was to draw the bed looking cartoony enough. I was at odds with making the perspective correct that my first few attempts ended up looking like boxes (or like the futon I used to sleep on...very hard)...I decided to paint this the same way I did my last one - using Adobe Photoshop. I have to say that I quite enjoyed it...and even though the bed ended up looking like a giant candy cane (a color I might change, as it distracts from the balloon), I think it turned out quite well. As with before, I did a sketch which I scanned into my computer - cleaned up my lines (and corrected my perspective mistakes) with Adobe Illustrator - and then transfered my lines at 300 dpi into Photoshop where I painted it.
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Adelia: walking away from bed
adobe illustrator
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Adelia: Walking Away From Bed
Adobe Photoshop

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